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We solve complex problems through state-of-the-art AI and computing techniques. We aim to provide decision-makers with the knowledge they need, extracted from the vast sea of data. We specialize in problems related to people and their environment over a geographic area.

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We all know that data is vital, and big data is prevalent. However, even though most data is important, some are less relevant. And other data need to be synthesized. In addition, even with significant AI advances, most data requires analysts and decision-makers to take action.

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We give expert consulting and training on high-tech information technologies to solve real-world problems. Throughout our 20+ years, we have worked with government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the Center for Disease Control, and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Our experience is in the environment, health and wellness, social media monitoring, security, defense intelligence, oil & gas, and more. NASA and the US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation recognized us with recent awards for our contributions.

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Video Surveillance


Author: Scott PezanowskiProduced: April 10, 2019 Download Table of Contents Introduction This document serves as a general review and recommendation report on Hikvision AI Cloud