Oncilla geoparser makes extracting valuable geographic information from your unstructured text easy. For example, text documents commonly include place mentions, organization mentions, and other text entities that Oncilla geolocates to their specific places worldwide.

Cities, countries, and organizations often share the same names, places have nicknames, and misspellings occur. Oncilla uses sophisticated AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to extract these place mentions and find the latitude and longitude of the intended place.

Unleash the knowledge in your messy social media posts, emails, documents, and transcribed voice messages. Give your organization:

the marketing advantage of knowing the places your customers are talking about

location of people in need during crises

Intelligence about national and local threats

Web Service API


Our REST web service API can scale to meet any customer’s needs. Use your favorite programming language to automate your geospatial text insights. You can also send batch requests to minimize network delays.

Coming Soon!
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